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A Story

Andres Moreno is one of the inheritors of the great spanish flamenco tradition. Andres Moreno started playing the guitar with her cousin "Amina", the well-known flamenco singer, and later became her regular player. As the guitar soloist of the group "Arte Cuatro", which is the best one ever known among flamenco musicians, Andres Moreno has recorded two Lps and three Singles. With "Arte Cuatro", Andres Moreno traveled throughout Spain, where he played in the most famous "tablaos flamencos" : "Los Canasteros" in Madrid, " La Trocha" in Sevilla, "El Cordobes" in Barcelona, "La Taverna Flamenca" in Málaga, where he was able to meet the worthiest flamenco artists.

Artists Said

"He is one of the best flamenco guitarist to day." Pierre Barbizet, pianist.

"He is water, fire, blood and gold." Stéphane Grapelli, violonist.

"Paco de Lucia has finally his heir." John Mac Laughlin, guitarist.

"Like a torero in arena, Andres Moreno dominate the crowd and
guide step by step in a pure and dream world."
Miguel Angel Estrella, pianist.

Program Show

Andres Moreno and "Arte Cuatro" propose a rich and color show where the guitar rivals whith the sing and the dance : Sevillana, Rumba, Solea, Rondeña, Granaina, Malagueña Tango, Alegria, Buleria... A group with dancer until the duet of musicians, let you carry away by the sounds of flamenco ...